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Do Not Worry About What Anyone Else is Doing

Labor Day Weekend! A time when families often gather together. And what could be more wonderful than seeing family? Seeing family that knows when to keep their big mouths shut! So if your family is questioning how you are doing things, block them out. You know best.

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Something is Missing

A friend posted this YouTube video on Facebook with a number of people doing amazing stunts. But one thing is missing…. US! We do amazing things every day. So let’s not forget that.

P.S. Also makes me think of all the proprioceptive input my 5yo requires!!! :-)

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A Teenager’s Success Story with SPD: A Look Back

Whether we admit it or not, we parents are all wondering how our kids are going to turn out when they’re older. Here’s a kiddo who is turning 18 and has faced Sensory Processing Disorder. Listen to his story….

A Teenager’s Success Story: A Look Back


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