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Good morning (or evening you Aussies). As the Facebook page has grown, so has the discussion. I love seeing everyone sharing ideas. However, it has also become a breeding ground for people trying to sell their products and it’s becoming overwhelming nixing those submissions.

So I’ve created a positive discussion group where we can all gather, post questions and share ideas as parents or people with SPD. To keep the site ad free, I’ve created a closed group. Does that mean you will be blocked? Nope! It just means I can delete people who don’t appreciate the fact that we don’t have time for ads about the latest cream or heated socks (although in the winter my feet do tend to get cold).

So please visit and request to join. I’ll approve any requests starting this evening and then we’ll be on our way! And please share with your friends. This isn’t meant to be exclusionary. Just a way to cut out the advertising. Thanks! Jennifer

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Author: Jennifer

Jennifer is a mom evolving as she navigates the waters of parenthood as well as having two children with sensory processing disorder and sharing her knowledge. She writes The Jenny Evolution, Generation iKid and The Sensory Spectrum.

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