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Parents Often in the Dark About Why Kids Wet the Bed and What They Can Do


My 5yo still wets the bed. I tie it to the fact that he can’t actually read what his body is telling him, so he doesn’t wake up. Does your child still wet the bed and do you believe it is tied to his/her SPD?

Parents Often in the Dark About Why Kids Wet the Bed and What They Can Do

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Author: Jennifer

Jennifer is a mom evolving as she navigates the waters of parenthood as well as having two children with sensory processing disorder and sharing her knowledge. She writes The Jenny Evolution, Generation iKid and The Sensory Spectrum.

8 thoughts on “Parents Often in the Dark About Why Kids Wet the Bed and What They Can Do

  1. mine is 6 and he still wets to bed. He will usually wake up crying and sometimes very aggitated that he is wet. But he changes and jumps right back in bed. I’m not sure what its tied to. Doctors say make him pee before he goes to bed….well…he does that. then one told me not to let him anything to drink past 6 or 7? thats really early isnt it? he goes to bed at 9….and even me as an adult likes a sip before i go to bed. so…I dont know whats causing it.

  2. is it possible to have sensory disorder and not have autism?

    • This is a really common question and the answer is yes.

      People on the Autism Spectrum often have Sensory Processing Disorder (thus the sensory challenges and issues) but children can have Sensory Processing Disorder on its own. (Mine do). This may be why people many believe that SPD falls on the Autism Spectrum. But it’s just the reverse. People with Autism fall on the Sensory Spectrum (as well as the Autism Spectrum).

  3. My daughter is one month shy of 5 yrs old and has actually kept her diaper dry for 5 days in a row. I have 4 adopted kids with SPD none have been potty trained yet she is my oldest she is low registry SPD and that is supposed to be an issue. They are supposed to have a hard time with registering with their body and the signals from the brain telling them they are full or that they need to go to the bathroom. Hang in there and keep encouraging but this does sound like a SPD symptom.

  4. My 9 1/2 year old does everynight! He does have SPD and does not take body cues. He has urgency during the day and will even sometimes pee his pants. I had him in pull ups until he was 8 but he is just too old! We have done the silly medical thing with x-rays etc… there was no medical reason. I know it is his SPD. His room always stinks and I can not do ALL his bedding everyday as I am now 7 months pregnant and have 2 younger kids as well. When I put him in pull ups he would also have incropesis, due to SPD, he liked how it felt. He was in counseling for 4 years for that to no avail until I discovered SPD. But he has been incropesis free for 10the months now! I am at a loss with his stinky room. Should I put him back in pull ups? They only hold about 1/2 if his urine anyway, blankets still need to be washed!

    • Wow. I can’t believe how many comments are pouring in. I’ve often thought it’s his SPD that keeps him from registering that he has to go to the bathroom. We do use “night underwear” but sometimes it’s just not enough. I do change the sheets every time however. We use the baby pads under his sheets and I bought cheap jersey sheets at target so I only have to do the wash every 3rd day or so.

  5. Still working on that with my 5 year old SPD son as well. The last two nights we’ve been good, but usually it’s every night and every nap time. If he can’t make it for a 1 1/2-2 hour nap at daycare, then he’s not going to make it the whole night no matter how many times I wake him up. He’s started having more difficulties in the last 6 months, even having encopresis at times. Started OT 2 months ago, but only have 1 more month of insurance covered sessions. We’ll see where we are then.

  6. My son is 7 1/2 and has SPD, he wets. I do believe it’s related to his SPD. He hates to be cold, and loves heat. So at night he has two choices, get out of bed and be cold to go pee, or pee in his pull up and feel the cold…

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